Forensic Training

Solution Forensics is the training solution for you. All courses can be submitted to the I.A.I. for approval for certification hours or P.O.S.T. certified at the request of the contracting agency.

Ryan M. Rezzelle
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We offer complete customization in coursework, including the following topics:

  • Photography
    • Advanced Crime Scene Photography (1, 2, or 3-Day Courses)
    • Photography for Fire Investigators (1 or 2-Day Course)
  • Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Training
    • Photography (4-Hour, 1, 2, or 3-Day Courses)
    • ALS/FLS (Alternate/Forensic Light Source) Usage (4 or 8-Hour Course)
    • Evidence Expectations in Sexual Assault Cases (4 or 8-Hour Course)
  • Crime Scene Investigation (3, 4 or 5-Day Courses)
    • Depending on the skills requested in the class curriculum, the class may cover awareness and protocol review, development methods, documentation, skills development, and/or reporting.  
      • Scene Documentation
      • Photography
      • Forensic Mapping
      • Fingerprint Evidence 
      • Biological Evidence Detection, Development, and Collection
      • Trace Evidence Detection and Collection
      • Impression Evidence: Footwear and Tire Tread
      • Firearms and Toolmark Evidence
      • Shooting Reconstruction: Documentation and Reconstruction
      • Bloodstain Pattern Analysis: Documentation and Reconstruction
      • Digital Evidence Collection
      • Reporting
  • Fingerprint Processing Methods (4-Hour, 1 or 2-Day Courses)
  • The Human Body as a Crime Scene: Living or Deceased (1 Day)
  • Processing Vehicles (1 or 2 Days)
  • Property and Volume Crimes (1 or 2 Days) 
  • Crime Scene Management (4-Hour through 5-Day Courses)
    • Crime Scene Management
    • Resource Assessment
    • Crime Scene Response Vehicles
    • Equipment, Tools, Instruments. and Supplies
    • Scene Approach and Processing Methodologies
    • Evidence Handling
    • Interfacing with Detectives and Investigators
  • ALS/FLS (Alternate/Forensic Light Source) Usage (4 or 8-Hour Course)
    • Biological Evidence
    • Trace Evidence
    • Fingerprints
  • Insurance Investigation (1 or 2 Day Course)
    • Photography: Documentation and Surveillance
    • Site Survey for Scale Drawing
  • Forensic Mapping Class (2, 3, or 4-Day Course)
    • Use a variety of hand measuring methods to document crime scenes
    • Create hand-drawn scale diagrams 
    • Learn about computer diagramming options, free and licensed options
    • Learn options using cutting edge 3-D laser scanning
  • Forensic Archaeology (2 or 3-Day Course)
    • Course is dependent on host-agency setting-up (burying mock remains) prior to course date.
    • Photo Documentation
    • Site Survey Methods
    • Collection of Site Samples (Botony, Entomology, Geology, etc)
    • "The Big Dig"

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